Making dreadlocks Price

Price for making, maintenance and extension of dreadlocks

Pricing is individual, depending on hair types and personal preferences and is made according to estimated time needed for treatment. Price shown here are only for guidance.

If you want to know the exact price, you need to contact me, send me photo with the current length of the hair and photo of dreadlocks you wish to have and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

The price for making dreadlocks from your hair:

In every section you can see the price, the approximate thickness, the number of dreads and approximate time needed for work. This of course varies depending on density and hair type.

Price for dreadlocks extension:

The cost of the extension include all extra hair and my hours of work. I use the highest quality natural hair for extension, but if you bring your hair the price will drop accordingly.


Extensions with NATURAL hair

Dread thickness 1cm
30cm dread extension
45 dreads
12-16 hours

Extension with SYNTHETIC hair

Dread thickness 1cm
40cm dread extension
50 dreads
12-16 hours

Extensions can be done in all other forms, partial upgrade, extension dreadlocks, dreadlocks thickening...
Please, click here for more details about dreadlocks extension.

Price for maintaining dreadlocks :

Includes: Separation of dreads at the root, crocheting all the loose hairs, repairing/flattening ends.


This is the price for the repair of locks that are regularly maintained. Includes separation of locks at the root, crocheting from roots to ends (tucking in loose hairs), thickening thin parts, repairing ends.

If dreadlocks are neglected for a long time, usually it comes to merging of a large number of dreads in the root which is difficult to separate. Thinner the dreads, the harder will be to separate them. Basically any such case is special so to determine accurate prices, I have to know the exact condition of dreadlocks.