Dreadlocks extension

Dreadlocks extension on short hair, long hair or just for some parts.

Dreadlock extension, when done properly will look natural.

You might want to do extensions when your hair is too short for what you want. Also, when bangs are shorter then the rest of the hair, then we can extend them. If previous hairstyle was asymmetric, we can adjust dreads only where is needed to get them all equal length and have natural look.

Depending on length of your hair , you can have different thickness and length of dreadlocks.

The minimum length of hair for extension should be at least 3cm. In that case it can be done with thin dreadlocks (maximum thickness of 0.5 cm) and no longer than 20cm length. Also, the first three to four months or until the hair grows another 3cm, it will need a little bit more maintenance. Wash them every 4-5 days, dreads should not be binding, and it is necessary to frequently crocheting hairs that fall out. It is necessary to get support from professional in this stage so healthy dreadlocks growth can be established and you will learn through the process how to maintain your hair.

Hair of 5-6cm in length is enough to do the dreadlocks extension to 1cm thickness of any length. The process of extending dreadlocks looks like this: 2/3 of your hair will be made to dreadlock from the root of hair. The rest 1/3 is used to make unnoticeable transition to new dreadlocks extension. This extension is hard to rip.
If the extension are done with minimum length of hair, the extension dread is directly attached at the root of hair. In this case dread is prepared for extension for short hair so when it’s start to grow there will be no different between your dread and extended part.

Extension can be done with natural hair and synthetic hair.


Difference between natural and synthetic dreadlocks

Natural Dreadlocks:

Extensions are acting like natural hair, and it is necessary to do periodical crocheting
 Can be dyed
 10 years guarantee that the dreads will not brake
 Hair drying takes the same time as for your natural hair
Synthetic Dreadlocks:

Extensions are not acting like natural hair, and it is not necessary to do crocheting
 Can not be dyed
 2 years guarantee that the dreads will not brake
 Hair drying is much shorter as for your natural hair

Hair quality for extensions

Quality of hair used in extensions is very important. Maybe most important.

I use the highest quality hair on the market and therefore I can guarantee the appearance and durability for 10 years with proper maintenance. The transition to the extended part is not visible with high quality hair used for extension dreadlocks.
Of course, cheaper extensions can be done with any kind of hair. If you want to, you can bring me someone’s hair or dreadlocks or synthetic hair and I will make it in to your dreadlocks. For such stunts I can not guarantee how long it will last. Also, in 90% of cases when I did extensions from such material, transition is usually noticeable. In such situation, dreads are usually died in order to conceal the differences in color, but a merging point is still noticeable in the form of a zadebljanje-dreda-gydthickeningthickening of Dread.

If you want to have extensions for short period , in that case this option is not bad because it is cheaper.

But if you expect it to look like your natural dreadlocks, it is necessary to be done with the highest quality hair extensions.