Maintaining Dreadlocks

Maintenance, recreating and repair

Dreadlocks do not need to be repaired often if they are maintained properly. The process itself depends of your vision and style, but main point is to help hair to grow in to a healthy dreadlocks.

Depending on your preferences you can maintain or not your dreadlocks.

Some like everything perfect while others likes "relaxed" approach.

The most important thing is to wash your hair regularly and keep it clean.
Whatever your thing is, it is important to wash your hair regularly and keep it in good health. When the hair is clean then strains at the root grow freely in different rate, braiding them self in to natural dreadlocks. When the hair is not washed regularly it tend to stick together and grow together without knotting in to a dreadlocks.

Same goes for regular long hair. After washing, it must be immediately brushed otherwise it will lock in knots.

After washing your dreadlocks you might need to pay attention to merging of dreads. If they merge together, it is good to separate them by deviding or clipping.

For those who want their dreadlocks to look sleek, they will need to crochet back all hairs that fell out. Do not crochet together hairs from two dreadlocks at the root as two dreadlocks will merge together.

If you decide to get your dreadlocks done with me I will give you detaild informations and trainning to do the maintenence yourself. If you decide to go the other way and have a piece of mind, you can come and visit me every 3-4 months on average in first year. In later years one or two seassons annually should be enough, depending on many factors.

Maintaining dreadlocks process takes 3 to 5 hours, depending on dreads condition. This include dreads separation if they are merged, crocheting from root to the end and retraction of all loos ends.

Redoing dreadlocks procedure involves everything and anything neccessery to brig your damaged dreadlocks to good looking dreads.
Any such case is special so it is difficult to say something more.
In 90% of cases, I was able to fix locks so that they can continue to grow naturally, but when the initial placing is done wrong, then it is impossible to change their position without re-doing the whole dreadlock. in general cases, it is not duable when the dreadlocks are older than 6 months.
So option of thick dreadlocks make thin, is not possible. While merged dreadlocks in thicker is possible, but depending on how much they are formed (woolly), the connection between the two or more of locks will be visible. Making thick dreads thin is also not possible while we can make thin dreads thicker by combining them which might show traces of connection on the dreadlocks depending on style and condition of dreadlocks.